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Check for manual activation

February 13, 2018

Sometimes you need to activate a product or service after it has been ordered by the client. For example you might have a VPS or a license that you’re managing manually.

This hook will create a ToDo in the ToDo list for every product, addon and configurable option that has been ordered. The hook gets created after the order has been paid, this way when you see the ToDo you can activate the product for the client.

One of our clients for example is reselling VPS that he orders manually, and the cPanel license as a configurable option, thus we create this hook to make its life easier. This way the hook will create a ToDo when he has to activate a service, reducing the checking and possible errors.


This hook requires WHMCS API CreateToDo to work properly and our free Custom module to manage hooks settings.

Installing the hook

Installing the hook is easy as always. All you have to do is to upload the file in the includes/hooks directory in WHMCS.

Then you’ll need to configure it using our module to make it work.

Configuring the hook

The hook has 4 settings:

  • whmcstricks_packages_that_require_manual_activation – a list of comma separed product ids for products that needs manual renew
  • whmcstricks_addons_that_require_manual_activation – a list of comma separed addons id for addons that needs manual renew
  • whmcstricks_configurable_options_that_require_manual_activation_dropdown – a list of comma separed option for dropdown and quantity configurable options
  • whmcstricks_configurable_options_that_require_manual_activation_radio_yesno – a list of comma separed option for radio and yes/no configurable options

For the details about the configuration please refer to this article: Check for manual renewal. The names of the settings are basically the same, the only word that differs is activation (in this hook) opposed as renewal (for the other hook).


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