Custom module to manage hooks settings

We manage multiple WHMCS installations, all with our hooks. Every time we need to upgrade an hook it is necessary to check the old one, change the settings, then upload it.

In the past we made a setting file with a big array for every WHMCS installation, but that way is still suboptimal. We had many errors.

So we decided to create a module that will store the settings in the database. This way the files are exactly the same for every installation, and when we need to update something all we have to do is to upload the new files, and everything will work perfectly.

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WHMCS Database Select and loop through results

Let’s take a look at a simple operation with the database today.

Before using this code you should initialise capsule as written in this post. Read more


For some reasons WHMCS has a UpdateToDoItem to be able to update a todo as well as GetToDoList and GetToDoItemStatuses to manage todo using API, but not a CreateToDo API function.

Because of this reason we just decided to create a custom API to create a ToDo record. Read more

WHMCS database management intro

Unfortunately WHMCS documentation does not give enough information about database management.

On WHMCS 7 (actually from previous versions already) they implemented they take advantage of Laravel framework’s database component. Read more

How to create custom API in WHMCS

In this article we’ll see how to create custom API in WHMCS. The reason I’m writing this is because the information you can find on the net are outdated, and since now we are at WHMCS, there is the need for an update.

WHMCS is a great piece of software. In certain cases though you just can’t do something. Their documentation is surely not helping since not everything is documented, and looking at the code to figure out how things work is not really an option thanks to the file encryption. Read more