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Ask for ticket feedback

February 13, 2018

We believe that the feedback request after a ticket is closed could be improved in whmcs. We decided to create a custom jotform form, where to redirect our users.

We ask them to rate their experience, if they give us 4 or 5 stars then we'll send them to a review website to leave a review. If they give us 3 stars or less we'll ask them what was wrong, one of our admin will review the answer and try to solve the issue they had in a way that the same problem will not happen again.

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Create the form the right way

The first thing we have to do is to go on to create the form and retrieve the id to be able to configure the hook. You can use with a free account. Create a free account, then search the template named “ask for ticket feedback whmcs” and click on use template.

here is what you have to do to adapt the template to your needs:

  1. Change the logo and graphics
  2. Change the language if needed, it should already be in english
  3. Retrieve the form id following this forum post

Installing the hook

All you have to do is to upload the hook file into the includes/hooks

Setup the hook

This plugin requires the Custom module to manage hooks settings which you can download for free from our website. You will need to add the setting "jotform_ticket_feedback_id" and the form id as the value.

Test it, to make sure all the redirects are working well and you're done. To test it just open a ticket to a test user in whmcs, then close the ticket. Make sure the ticket department you're using is set to ask for ticket feedback.

Setup the landing pages

As said above, if your client rates you with 4 or 5 stars he will be asked to leave a review and redirected to one of the review websites. To make this work you have to create the custom client fields as described here: Ask for customer reviews on ticket

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Have questions? Do not hesitate to post them in a comment, we're here to help...