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Ask for customer reviews on ticket

February 12, 2018

One of the most important things in a business are reviews. It's very important to remind your operators to ask for reviews whenever they are helping clients. This is simply the best moment to ask for a review.

This hook adds a box for every review website you're on just below the ticket box. This way your support operator can copy the text and paste it in the ticket box. Of course he will do that if he thinks the client is happy with the support.

The order of the boxes is randomised, this means that the support operator should always copy the text from the first box, but he has the freedom to choose another one.

This way you can keep asking your clients for reviews, and you can ask them in the best moment ever, when they are happy with your support, hoping they will give you a good review.


Ask for customer reviews on ticket boxes


This Hooks requires our free Hooks Settings Module.


All you have to do is to upload the file inside the includes/hooks folder of WHMCS, then configure it to make it work


This hooks requires 2 configurations with the settings module and requires client custom fields to be set properly to work.

Setting up the client custom fields

You will need to create a new custom field for every review website you're present on. Please create at least 2 custom fields for the module to work properly.

The field name has to start with "-review " followed by the name of the website.

Make sure the "field type" is set to "tick box".

In the description add the text you want to show to your support operator. For the module to work properly it is necessary that you use a link sending to the review page using the code generated by the markdown editor.

For example you may want to prepare a text like:

Thanks for asking our support. Can we ask you to leave us a review on [](

You support operator can just copy this text into the ticket box to ask for a ticket.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary that the first text into the brackets is the page link to make the hook work properly.

Set the field as admin only.

Ask for customer reviews on ticket

Once you have created the client custom fields is time to set the settings from the Hooks Settings Module.

Set the hook

This hook has 2 settings, you can see them going on the Hooks Settings Module page:

Ask for customer reviews on ticket settings

ask_for_review_new_customer: use a number for this setting. It's not very professional to ask for a review as soon as the client signed up. This is because they haven't any time to test your service yet. this is the number of days to wait after client's registration before showing the boxes with the review request. We recommend using a number between 15 and 30 for this setting

ask_for_review_ask_again: use a number for this setting. In some cases you have asked your client a review on a certain website. You do not want to ask another review the day after, nor you want to ask again for a review on the same website. The hook will check if you asked for a review in the past days and avoid showing the boxes to the support operator. We recommend using a number between 15 and 30 for this setting

Tag the users who left a review

You want to keep track of who left a review and where was it left. You can go on the client's profile and check the corresponding box, then save.

This way that particular client will not be asked again for a review on that particular website.

You can also reach this page clicking on the "mark as reviewed" link at the bottom of each box.

Ask for customer reviews on ticket tag reviewed


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