Check the gateway log for IPN Handshake Invalid

From time to time we get a PayPal problem. The payment is received, but there is a problem with the transaction with the error “IPN Handshake Invalid”.

Obviously checking the LOG manually everyday is not an option, so we created this hook to do the hard work for us.

Other errors are possible, but the hooks is not ready for them yet. Do you have suggestions for different kind of errors and payment gateways? Contact us or comment this post, we’ll be happy to improve it and make it more configurable!

We created an hook that every hour checks your gateway LOG, and creates a ToDo if there has been an error. Read more

Custom Hook – Change the logo for the online invoice

With a client we had a problem. His theme has a dark header, so his logo was white. He added the logo url in the WHMCS configuration.

whmcs hooks change logo url for invoice

The problem then is that the online invoice has a light background, and the logo was barely visible. Read more

Custom Hook survey EPP request

This hook allows you to ask a question to your clients right before they get the EPP code using a form.

Once they fill the question they will be redirected to the client area where the EPP code is shown.

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Custom module to manage hooks settings

We manage multiple WHMCS installations, all with our hooks. Every time we need to upgrade an hook it is necessary to check the old one, change the settings, then upload it.

In the past we made a setting file with a big array for every WHMCS installation, but that way is still suboptimal. We had many errors.

So we decided to create a module that will store the settings in the database. This way the files are exactly the same for every installation, and when we need to update something all we have to do is to upload the new files, and everything will work perfectly.

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